The Northampton Association of School Employees (NASE) is the professional community that represents the teachers, guidance counselors, administrators, nurses, paraeducators, therapy assistants, clerical workers, custodians, cafeteria workers and bus drivers of the Northampton Public Schools, and the teachers and administrators of Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School.

We aspire to maintain and improve the quality of education for all children, to uphold high professional standards, and to advance the socio-economic well-being of educators.

We are affiliated with the Massachusetts Teachers Association and the National Educational Association.

And remember, when you join, YOU are NASE. We do this together.


  • advocating for students’ needs
  • promoting systemic justice, fighting institutional prejudice and inequities
  • defending the socioeconomic well-being of public educators 
  • supporting members’ professional advancement and dignity collaborating with Northampton’s strong community
Hexane vapors experiment - Chemistry
Hexane vapors experiment – Chemistry
Forestry – Smith Voc
Kim B. – NHS Cafeteria
Animal Ultrasounds – Smith Voc
Leeds Kindergarden
Forestry – Smith Voc


“I’m so proud and grateful for my amazing UNION!”

– NASE member

“The negotiating team has even focused on the details of our small group. Thanks so much!”

– bus driver

“Thank you and the committee SO MUCH. I am so grateful for your incredible work on this MOA and for your indefatigable dedication to NASE members. I feel so represented! You all truly wrote us out of hell. Alexander Hamilton would be proud.”

– Unit A member