March 5, 2024 Meeting of the NASE Executive Board

Meeting of the NASE Executive Board

Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Room 200, Ryan Road Elementary School

APPROVED 4/2/2024

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In Attendance: (9 participants)

Andrea Egitto, Vanessa Coates-Cooney, Kim Bowler, Sharon Carlson, Paula Rigano-Murray, Kate Fontaine, Erica Lamanna, Brian Bagdon, Karen Schiaffo


Andrea calls the meeting to order at 4:09 pm.


Item I: Call to Order and New Business

  • Heather and Kate are getting feedback on the cease order in Israel & Palestine are ‘threatening’ to pull their membership from NASE 
    • The listening circles are to discuss pros and cons of this. NASE is not voting on anything as of now. NASE is only giving a platform for a listening circle via Zoom
  • Paraeducator PD was insufficient for content/role out and there is no collaboration or discussion in the PD Committee
  • Concerns with SE Teachers prep time and SE Stipend with the new IEP rollout with the increase in paperwork, time and collaboration 


Item II: Delegates for MTA Annual Meeting and NEA Representative Assembly

  • Communicate with Kira Henninger to sign up for the MTA annual meeting

Item III:  Secretary’s Report

  • Amendment: Add in line to the Unit A Officer Report

MOTION: to accept the Secretary’s Report with amendment

Entertained by: Andrea

Moved by: Kate

Seconded by: Paula 

Motion Approved: unanimously


Item IV: Treasurer’s report 

  • Report for next week
  • Auditor books came back and there are no problems reported


Item V: NPS Budget and meeting with superintendent

  • Meg has offered to sit down and discuss comparables and the budget
  • Potentially meeting with school committee members about the budget around realistic situations if this goes through
    • This should also be shared with city council members
  • Ask Jason to set up an action network letter to send out
  • Pass out flyers to pass out to community/parent members at events


Item VI:  Bylaw Committee presentation

  • Tabled for next meeting → Cyndie is not in attendance (SVAHS no school today)


Item VII: Officer Reports

Item VIII: Adjourn

MOTION: to adjourn.

Entertained by: Andrea

Moved by: Erica

Seconded by: Paula

Motion Approved: unanimously


Upcoming meeting

March 6, NASE meeting with NPS superintendent

March 12, Executive Committee meeting 4:00 – JFK – Leeds will provide snacks

April 2, Executive Board meeting – 4:00, Ryan Road School

Save the DateNASE Annual Meeting – Wednesday, April 24, 3:30 refreshments

Officer Reports


Teachers (Unit A)

There are 2 grievances that are pending. Continuing to deal with serious NHS safety issues with large scale organizing, intense determination, and 2 needs improvement plans. MTA have been consulted around teachers impersonated online by students.


Admin (Unit B)


ESPs (Unit C)

1 disciplinary issue. Will be checking in with the PD Committee Unit C members.


SVHS (Unit D)


Clerical: (Unit E)


Custodian (Unit F)

1 disciplinary issue in progress. Over vacation at Leeds with no clerical outside contractor was not able to access the building for maintenance. No monitors in the now open bathrooms in a building. 


Cafeteria (Unit G)

There are positions (1 permanent and 1 sub) still open and waiting to be filled. 


SVHS (Unit H)




Membership Coordinator


Communications Coordinator

Nothing to report at this moment.


President’s and Vice President’s Report