June 14, 2022 Meeting Minutes of the NASE Executive Committee of Delegates 

Tuesday, June 14, 2022 @ 4:00-5:00pm 

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In Attendance: (29 participants) 

Andrea Egitto, Heather Brown, Sharon Carlson, Karen Schiaffo, Paula Rigano-Murray, Erica Lamanna, Maria Vega, Alex Peterson, Kristen Picard, Michael Stavely-Hale, Vanessa Coates-Cooney, Kira Henninger, Sandra Bombard, Tammy Cook, Brian Bagdon, Laura St.Pierre, Daria Steward, Leslie Skants-Hodgson, Ryan Parent, Ellen Brown, Erica Caron, Jennifer Hayden, Kara Seridan, Mareatha Wallace, Helen Woods, Jonah Dratfield, Sara Churchill-Winsor, Cyndie Ouimette, SVAHS 

Andrea calls the meeting to order at 4:04pm. 

Item I: Call to Order and Welcome to new delegates and officers! Farewell and good luck to our officers leaving the district. 

– Those leaving: Sara Churchill Windsor, Kara Sheridan, Sarah Nowak, and Carl Mead – Jeff and Mike will be co-coordinators for Smith Voc 

Item II: New Business 

– Nothing new called or brought up by members 

Item III: Secretary’s report – shared by Andrea and reminded sent out ahead of meeting via email to all members 

MOTION: to accept the secretary’s report as emailed. 

Entertained by: Andrea 

Moved by: Erica 

Seconded by: Sharon 

Motion Approved: unanimously 

Item IV: Treasurer’s report – shared out by Sharon 

– Not many new items going into May (many same), June will have more items to go out

– Concerns raised for the MTA/NEA dues in the expenses as to why the increase of 18,000ish to about 30,000ish 

– Raised $741 for our scholarship 

– $3891.30 granted All In Grant monies that was reimbursed from previous years of 2019-2021 

– All that happened in the month of May was the cost for the annual meeting – Stipend checks will be out by the end of the week this week of June 13th distributed out – Payroll finalized today (6/14) 

– Smith Voc requested to mail out. Sharon will check with Cyndie about current mailing addresses for Smith Voc members 

MOTION: to accept the treasurer’s report as emailed. 

Entertained by: Andrea 

Moved by: Paula 

Seconded by: Erica 

Motion Approved: unanimously 

Item V: Call for Delegates for 2022-2023 school year – shared out by Andrea Officers Vacancies include: 

Communications Chair, Unit B (Admin.) Chapter Coordinator, Unit G (Cafe) Chapter Coordinator, PR&R (Grievance) Chair 

– Would like to provide training and possible mentorship for the new positions such as PR&R (grievance) Chair. 

– The Communications Chair will need tech savvy skills. Would like to have more than just Facebook for our social media presence as well as maintain the website. Stipend includes $1,500 for the year 

Delegate vacancies include: 

BSS = 1 Unit A & 2 Additional, JSS = 2 Additional, JFK = 1 Additional, Leeds = 1 Unit A & 2 Additional, NHS = 1 Unit A & 3 Additional, At-Large = 1 Unit C & 1 Unit F & 2 Unit G – Delegates will get an MTA training in the fall with Jason regarding your role and responsibilities as a delegate 

– Additional slots are based on the number of members that are in the building. These can be members from any unit. It would be important to have a minimum of 1 ESP as a member in each building.

Item VI: End of year social debrief 

– Thank Kira for being the party planner and organizer! Great and fun! 

– Seemed to have a pretty nice attendance to the event = 146 members attended – Bills or receipts from Local Burgy and Harrell’s have not been sent to Sharon yet. Kira will send in an email. Look Park rental has been paid 6/14 by Sharon. Kira will resend the car fee from Look Park for Sharon to pay and follow up on. 

– Concerns around cans and bottles and trash areas 

– For the future: three receptacles – (1) returns, (2) recycles, (3) trash 

– For the future: returns monies could be added into our scholarship fund – Concerns around beverages such as water access 

– For the future: use of a bottle jug rather than individual bottles 

– Concerns that people arrived later than expected since school hours have changed since previous years 

– For the future: Try and get Union Release form for attendance and timeliness – concerns that people arrived at the event once food left. Two hours of food. – For the future: 3:30-5:30? Or 4-6? 

Item VII: Officer’s reports 

– These are at the end of the agenda that have been shared out in advance to members. – Kate F. is preparing for a meeting with the Dept. of Labor Relations with an MTA attorney. This has been filed from last year that has been a slow moving process. Still in the investigation process. 

– Will be moving forward with Officer Reports to be President and Vice President combined together. 

– Out of the 4 scholarships 1 of the recipients had family ties to the union. Checks were sent out after the awards were presented. Lowest level of applicants for the scholarships in a while 

– NHS has an application on the guidance scholarship page. 

– How does Smith Voc get the application?? This needs to be thought through for the future. 

Item VIII: Adjourn

MOTION: to adjourn 

Entertained by: Andrea 

Moved by: Sharon 

Seconded by: Sandy 

Motion Approved: unanimously. 

Upcoming meetings: 

NPS Negotiations: 

6/14 @ 7:00pm – Special School Committee Meeting regarding Superintendent 6/16 @ 6:30pm – JFK Community Room 

-In person open meeting. Will open the zoom as an option. 

-Will not be negotiating over the summer. Will come back in the fall if not settled in June. 6/21 @ 6:30pm – NHS Library