September 12, 2023 Meeting Minutes of the NASE Executive Committee

Meeting of the NASE Executive Committee

Tuesday, September 12, 4:00

JFK Community Room

APPROVED 10/10/2023

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In Attendance: (28 participants)

Veronica Douglas, Jennifer Hayden, Kira Henninger, Karen Schiaffo, Kevin Schmith, Jamie Lawrence, Hana Zayatz, Daria Steward, Sara Simmons, Carrie Foley, Cyndie Ouimette, Leslie Skantz-Hodgson, Ryan Parent, Laila Copperansky, Erica Lamanna, Laura St. Pierre, Helen Woods, Tammy LaChance, Erica Caron, Andrea Egitto, Ellen Brown, Paula Rigano Murray, Brian Bagdon, Jeromie Whalen, Sharon Carlson, Heather Brown, Vanessa Coates-Cooney, Nick Richert



Mark Baldwin, Sandy Bombard, Kim Bowler, Mareatha Wallace


Andrea calls the meeting to order at 4:04 pm.


Item I: Call to Order 

  • Welcome to new Officers and Chapter Coordinators and Delegates!


Item II: New Business

  • None at this time


Item III: Secretary’s Report

  • Vacancies are up to date

MOTION: to accept the Secretary’s Report

Entertained by: Andrea

Moved by: Sharon

Seconded by: Paula

Motion Approved: unanimously


Item IV: Sub-Committees and PALs