October 3, 2023 Meeting of the NASE Executive Board

Meeting of the NASE Executive Board

Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Room 200, Ryan Road Elementary School

APPROVED 12/5/2023

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In Attendance: (12 participants)

Andrea Egitto, Karen Schiaffo, Vanessa Coates-Cooney, Sara Churchill-Winsor, Kim Bowler, Sharon Carlson, Heather Brown, Tammy Cook, Cyndie Ouimette, Brian Badgon, Paula Rigano-Murray, Kate Fontaine 


Andrea calls the meeting to order at 4:08 pm.


Item I: Call to Order and New Business

  • Mandatory trainings were awful and took very long which was hard to complete for many members by the due date
    • This has to be changed to be more effective for the various units and time requirements (4-5 hours)
    • The information slides are not easily reached
  • Crossing guards are wanting to be part of the union → is this a possibility
    • Ask Jason how to proceed with this
      • Idea to bring to Jason: Could we make a separate transportation unit with bus drivers, monitors and crossing guards?
  • At the high school the door alarms are constantly going off from students coming in and out and there seems to not be any follow up consequences to such students
  • .6 employees do get a full lunch and prep time
  • Brian keep a look out for the the Unit F retropay snow days
  • No movement on the possible COVID MOA with the Superintendent

Item II: Secretary’s Report

MOTION: to accept the Secretary’s Report 

Entertained by: Andrea

Moved by: Cyndie

Seconded by: Karen

Motion Approved: unanimously


Item III: Treasurer’s report

  • Budget for FY24
  • Dues chart

MOTION: to accept the Treasurer’s Report

Entertained by: Andrea

Moved by: Karen

Seconded by: Tammy

Motion Approved: unanimously


Item IV: 504 Coordinator position

  • Unit A and President will talk about this before the meeting with the Superintendent

Item V: Collecting signatures & update on Test the Test

  • Signature Pages
    • You have to use the actual petition pages – NOT photocopied
    • Each member get 5 signatures including oneself
    • Bring your signature pages to the next EC meeting 10/10
  • Test the Test Update
    • Will now be a do the test with a shared link, no longer an in person event
    • The link has been shared out

Item VI: Adjourn

MOTION: to adjourn.

Entertained by: Andrea

Moved by: Kate

Seconded by: Cyndie

Motion Approved: unanimously


Upcoming meetings:

October 4, NASE meeting with NPS superintendent

October 10, Executive Committee meeting 4:00 – JFK Community room

November 7, Executive Board meeting – 4:00, Ryan Road School

November 8, NASE meeting with NPS superintendent

November 14, Executive Committee meeting 4:00- JFK Community Room