November 8, 2022 Meeting Minutes of the NASE Executive Committee of Delegates

Meeting of the NASE Executive Committee of Delegates

Tuesday, November 8, 3:30 Meeting Minutes of the NASE Executive Committee of Delegates

JFK Community Room

In Attendance: (22 participants)

Vanessa Coates-Cooney, Paula Rigano-Murray, Sharon Carlson, Sara M Churchill-Winsor, Heather Brown, Kimberly Bowler, Brian Bagdon, Kate Fontaine, Erica Caron, John Selfridge, Karen Schiaffo, Laura St. Pierre, Jennifer Hayden, Mareatha Wallace, Jamie Lawrence, Kira Henninger, Kevin Schmith, Veronica Douglas, Sara Simmons, Sandy Bombard, Noah Galko, Erica Lamanna, 

Excused Attendance:

Helen Woods, Ellen Brown, Daria Steward

Heather calls the meeting to order at 3:36 pm.

Item I: Call to Order – Check-in

  • PD seemed to be disorganized
  • Keynote speakers seemed to be interesting, enjoyed the break out sessions per school
  • Allowed PD at high school level to teach each other

Item II: New Business

  • Possible MOA? might be cut in future budget cuts and would get their previous position secured so their job is not in jeopardy – ETLs, IT
  • Superintendent came to JFK faculty meeting to talk about budget and the direness
  • Co-chair of Unit A that is also a NASE member needs to step up, if no Unit A could Unit C step up? Seems to be a Unit C member willing to step up
  • Concerns with Paras being pulled so much to cover/sub classroom as well as not being in compliance with IEP needs
    • Administration is aware of this concern, about 30 subs waiting to be hired from HR, document when services are being missed