September 5, 2023 Meeting Minutes of the NASE Executive Board

Meeting of the NASE Executive Board

Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Room 200, Ryan Road Elementary School

APPROVED 10/3/2023

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In Attendance: (11 participants)

Andrea Egitto, Karen Schiaffo, Paula Rigano-Murray, Vanessa Coates-Cooney, Erica Lamanna, Sara Churchill-Winsor, Kim Bowler, Brian Badgon, Kate Fontaine, Cyndie Ouimette, Heather Brown,


Andrea calls the meeting to order at 4:05 pm.


Item I: Call to Order and New Business

  • Leeds OT doing 3 programming (Leeds, Leeds Preschool, JFK) as a .9 and has 50 kids on her caseload. She can’t fit all of her caseload into her schedule. The other elementary OTs only have 2 programming, 2 programming or 1 programming. She is meeting with Celeste about this 9/5 → Kate will follow up with OT around how this meeting with Celeste went
  • New 2nd floater position was cut with the budget
  • First Wednesday of each month will be with the Superintendent Dr.Bonner to be open to join
  • Retroactive snow pay communication for the 10-12 members needed, a janitorial meeting was discussed with Dr.Bonner around this issue and will be followed up on
  • Could not get para orientation negotiated in the contract → NHS has 7 new paras who lacked NHS knowledge. Paula was able to talk with them for 20 minutes. NHS principal is going to budget with the budget to pay paras half day for a para orientation. 
    • Paula was able to get all 7 to sign up as members!!
    • Thoughts that Erica and Paula will run this
  • Are staff having concerns around the COVID policy and the lack of response to this? Still currently no health office leader. Questions on COVID direct to BSS nurse
  • People are reporting that they don’t want to test because they do not want to use 5 of their sick days for their 5 COVID out days. The COVID policy is not clear for the 23-24 school year