November 14, 2023 Meeting of the NASE Executive Committee

Meeting of the NASE Executive Committee

Tuesday, November 14, 2023, 4:00

APPROVED 12/12/2023

JFK Community Room

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Meeting of the NASE Executive Committee

Tuesday, November 14, 2023, 4:00

JFK Community Room


In Attendance: (30 participants)

Vanessa Coates-Cooney, Hana Zayatz, Harrison Wallace, Danielle Kowal, Laura St. Pierre, Sara Simmons, Sara Churchill-Winsor, Mareatha Wallace, Jennifer Hayden, Karen Schiaffo, Heather Brown, Andrea Egitto, Kate Fontaine, Kim Bowler, Kevin Schmith, Nick Richert, Sharon Carlson, Paula Rigano Murray, Erica Lamanna, Daria Steward, Brian Bagdon, Jeromie Whalen, Jamie Lawrence, Ellen Brown, Kira Henninger, Ryan Parent, Helen Woods, Tammy LaChance, Erica Caron, Sandy Bombard, 



Veronica Douglas


Andrea calls the meeting to order at 4:01 pm.


Item I: Call to Order – Check in


Item II: New Business

  • Do members get T-shirts?
    • Get a list of names and sizes and send to Kate Fountaine to get those T-shirts
  • Staff members buying lunch issues → If school lunch is being ordered by a staff member it is $5 for a child sized portion
  • Inflexibility of school lunch options for high needs students is also an issue
  • Should IEPs have specialty lunch accommodations if the rules/regulations are strict?
  • What is the movement on the policy on racial discrimination and bullying? There is a policy but seems to not have a procedures plan for actions/behaviors
  • The state is considering reopening the retirement plus option, Heather will share out information with members after the meeting 
  • After the PD day in November, many special education teachers as well as paraeducators were unhappy and requesting that there is meaningful PD that is more relevant to their position
    • Join the PD committee to have a voice → currently no elementary level members


Item III: Secretary’s Report

  • Please check the attendance on each of the minutes → this will affect your end of year stipend
  • Amendment: to add 2 additional members to the excused absences members

MOTION: to accept the Secretary’s Report with amendment

Entertained by: Andrea

Moved by: Sharon

Seconded by: Mareatha

Motion Approved: unanimously


Item IV: Sub-Committees and PAL 

  • Volunteers needed for the following:


Item V: Treasurer’s report – budget for FY24

MOTION: to accept the Treasurer’s Report 

Entertained by: Andrea

Moved by: Erica

Seconded by: Mareatha

Motion Approved: unanimously


Item VI: Membership Coordinator’s report 

  • Plan for reaching out to new members (Jason) 
  • Starting next fall, we will be starting negotiations. Will also have high budget cuts and financial struggles to come. NEXT: property and budget subcommittee meeting November 28th @ 4:30-5:30 via zoom
  • When trying to get members, share a personal experience about being in the union

Item VII: Thrive Act Ballot Question 

  • Last petition count and give to Jason
  • NASE has the highest collection rate in the whole state adjusted per size
  • free breakfast announcement for NHS and Ryan Road
  • This ballot question will be on the 2024 presidential ballots


Item VIII: Adjourn

MOTION: to adjourn.

Entertained by: Andrea

Moved by: Paula

Seconded by: Sara

Motion Approved: unanimously


Upcoming meetings:

December 5, Executive Board meeting – 4:00, Ryan Road School

December 6, NASE meeting with NPS superintendent

December 12, Executive Committee Meeting – 4:00 JFK Community Room – NHS brings snacks

SAVE THE DATE – Wednesday April 24, 2024 – NASE Annual Meeting – 3:30 Snacks, 4:00 Meeting


Membership Coordinator Report for EC Meeting 10/10/23

    • 537 NASE members for all 8 units: A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H 
  • 13 new members since 9/12/23==  54 total since 8/28/23
# New Members this year Total #  by Unit Members by Building/Dept.
Unit A= 26/  1 new this mo Unit A= 295 BSS=58 out of 69        84%
Unit B=0 Unit B=7 JFK=100 out of 112     89% 
Unit C=18/  11 new this mo Unit C=99 JSS=45 out of 57         78%
Unit D=7 Unit D=75 Leeds=59 out of 68      86%
Unit E=0 Unit E=17 NHS=121 out of 126    96%
Unit F=1 Unit F=26 RR=48 out of 55           87%
Unit G=1/   1 new this mo Unit G=12 Smith Voc=81                ?
Unit H=1 Unit H=6 Central Office=7            ?
District=18                     ?
Total=54 Total-537 Total=537

As we continue our work in School Year 2023-24, we must:

  1. Update NASE bulletin board in break rooms
  2. Post brag sheets in break rooms
  3. Post upcoming NASE events in break rooms
  4. Refer staff to the electronic contracts and the hard copy in binders in break rooms.
  5. Encourage ALL staff to know their contracts!

Thank you all for your continued work with supporting NPS & Smith Voc staff.

Look out for my email listing current employees that are not NASE members. Please reach out to them to discuss the importance and benefits of union membership.

Karen Schiaffo

NASE Membership Coordinator 

RKF/RR School Nurse & Building Delegate