September 6, 2022 Meeting Minutes of the NASE Executive Board

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

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Ryan Road Elementary School

In Attendance: (12 participants)

Andrea Egitto, Sharon Carlson, Karen Schiaffo, Paula Rigano-Murray, Erica Lamanna, Vanessa Coates-Cooney, Sara Churchill-Winsor (left early), Heather Brown, Tammy Cook, Kate Fontaine, Kim Bowler, Brian Bagdon 

Andrea calls the meeting to order at 4:02 pm.

Item I: Call to Order and New Business

  • Welcome to new Officers and Chapter Coordinators!
  • New Business:
    • Upcoming school committee this Thursday night 9/8 @ 6:30 via zoom (voting on virtual meetings, ect.) 
    • MOA upcoming things to negotiate: 
      • Paraeducators evaluations to be paused the new evaluation for 1 year to push to 23-24 for NHS, JFK, Bridge?
      • stipend to jazz band adult that would pay for actual time 
      • the committee didn’t agree to increase the limit for stipended monies as per lawyers report
      • Impact bargain for Paraeducators that are covering for other positions/units

Item II: Secretary’s Report

  • Nothing to report on
  • Reaching out to Carl regarding 21-22 secretary information transfer

Item III: Treasurer’s Report

  • Budget for FY23
    • Executive Committee will be voting on this budget next week Tuesday September 13th
  • Public Relations and Organizing Grant (tshirts), All In Grant (outings/events), Local Grant (10,000 to help since we are so large in size)
  • Changes to be made for Tuesday, 9/13 EC Meeting: 
    • drop down the 389 to the NASE sweatshirts from MTA Mass Child proposed 2023, 
    • Cafeteria Chapter Coordinator changed from 500 to 1,000 (Sara only did half year only paid 500 last year), 
    • Treasurer position increased by 1,000 and Membership Coordinator increased by 500
      • This has to be approved through our bylaws change which can only happen at a general meeting. Proposed bylaws change for the next general meeting. So this will be changed back down to regular amounts.
  • Scholarship funds were about 1,000 short from last year
    • Need to think about how to reach our goal of 2,500 (did not reach this goal in the 21-22 year)
      • Donations, JJ’s percentage night?

Item IV: Membership Coordinator’s Report

  • Plan for reaching out to new members
    • Send new member forms to Karen
  • Processed 25 new members with 2 more on it’s way

Item V: Discuss delegate vacancies 

  • Reach out to people who may be interested
  • Plan executive committee meeting and spread the word about delegates training for October 11 @ 4:00-7:30 including dinner in the JFK community room
  • Vacancies: BSS = 2, JSS = 2, JFK = 2, Leeds = 3, NHS = 2,  RKRR = 2, Clerical = 1, Para = 1, Cafeteria = 2
    • Concerns that Leeds needs the most delegates
  • JLMC to review flex and present it to faculty and staff then a vote by December as to whether or not to continue then may have to open contract back up
  • Possible members: Tammy to ask JFK 8th grade teacher to join, Tammy, Kate to ask Jake

Item VI: Fair Share Amendment

  • Pick a date for a phone banking event
  • Phone banking event will have all technology and scripting available for people who participate

Item VII: Adjourn

MOTION: to adjourn.

Entertained by: Andrea

Moved by: Heather

Seconded by: Kate

Motion Approved: unanimously

Important Notes: 

  • Officer’s reports – please send them to Andrea the Sunday before the EC meeting
    • September month by Sunday 9/11

Upcoming meetings:

September 7, NASE meeting with NPS superintendent

September 13, Executive Committee meeting 4:00 – JFK Community room

October 4, Executive Board meeting – 4:00, Ryan Road School

October 5, NASE meeting with NPS superintendent

October 11, Executive Committee Delegates Training – 4:00-7:30 JFK Community Room

Officer Reports

Teachers (Unit A)

Admin (Unit B)

ESPs (Unit C)

SVHS (Unit D)

Clerical: (Unit E)

Custodian (Unit F)

Cafeteria (Unit G)

SVHS (Unit H)

PR&R – 9/2022

I have been busy connecting with new members and answering questions from members and administrators about the contract concerning preps and scheduling. 

There are no active grievances at this time. We discussed a clerical issue, but decided to discuss the issue with the new superintendent to make sure administrators are following all aspects of the contract when there are hires, transfers, and promotions. Please email me at if there are any issues or concerns around contract adherence. 

Membership Coordinator

Communications Coordinator

President’s and Vice President’s Report