September 20, 2022 Meeting Minutes of the NASE Executive Committee

Rescheduled – Tuesday, September 20, 4:00

4:00 Call to Order 

Welcome to new Officers and Chapter Coordinators and Delegates!

Go around the room and please say your name, position, and school.

4:10 New Business

4:15 Secretary’s Reportclick to download minutes

4:20 – Sub-Committees and PAL (volunteers needed)

  • Social Committee
  • Scholarship Committee
  • Stipend/Budget Committee
  • Snacks – each building sign-up

4:30 Treasurer’s report – budget for FY23

4:40 Membership Coordinator’s report – plan for reaching out to new members.

4:45 Discuss delegate vacancies – reach out to people who may be interested. 

Delegates training October 11, 4:00 – 7:30 including dinner. Please plan to attend!

4:55  Fair Share Amendment – Jason

  • Pick a date for a phone banking event.
  • Packets delivered to schools

5:00 Adjourn

Upcoming meetings:

October 4, Executive Board meeting – 4:00, Ryan Road School

October 5, NASE meeting with NPS superintendent

October 11, Executive Committee Delegates Training – 4:00-7:30 JFK Community Room

Officer Reports

Teachers (Unit A)

Admin (Unit B)

ESPs (Unit C)

Currently we are looking at scheduling a Unit C meeting at JSS. Working on a MOA at the high-school, due a scheduling issue for a Unit C member. There was disciplinary action taken against a member that is an on-going investigation. 

SVHS (Unit D)

Clerical: (Unit E)

Custodian (Unit F)

Cafeteria (Unit G)

I’m Kim Bowler, and I am the Head cook at NHS. I have recently taken on  Unit G Chapter Coordinator. I have been a NASE member since 2020. 

SVHS (Unit H)

PR&R – 9/2022

I have been busy connecting with new members and answering questions from members and administrators about the contract concerning preps and scheduling. 

There are no active grievances at this time. We discussed a clerical issue, but decided to discuss the issue with the new superintendent to make sure administrators are following all aspects of the contract when there are hires, transfers, and promotions. Please email me at if there are any issues or concerns around contract adherence. 

Membership Coordinator

  • 40 new members joined so far this year.
  • Unit breakdown:
    • Unit A (Teachers +) = 23
    • Unit B (Admin) = 1
    • Unit C (ESPs/Paras) =  6
    • Unit E (Clerical) = 0
    • Unit F (Custodians/Bus Drivers) = 3
    • Unit G (Cafeteria) = 2 members = 2
  • Please check in with new staff to see if they have questions about NASE
  • Encourage them to join/review the benefits of membership
  • Give them a brag sheet and membership packet
  • Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns
  • Let me know if you need packets or brag sheets.

Karen Schiaffo

NASE Membership Coordinator 

RKF/RR School Nurse



Communications Coordinator

I’ve been working on revamping the website and making it more user friendly. Please share photos and news at especially our Smith Voc colleagues! 

I also reactivated our Twitter feed, started an Instagram page and continue to maintain the Facebook page. All social media is linked at the bottom of the NASE home page at

President’s and Vice President’s Report

We spent time this past month finalizing all six contracts which involved meeting with negotiating sub-committee members and the interim superintendent to discuss the changes along with making sure all revisions are included. There was work on Memoranda of Agreement (MOA) for a few situations outside of the contracts, meetings with new district leaders, and meetings with MTA reps regarding the Fair Share Amendment. We secured some lawn signs to get things going before the start of school. To save on shipping costs for our new t-shirts, we took a road trip to our union print shop in Worcester. We provided lunch for new teachers at the New Teacher Orientation to inform them about NASE and the district. We spoke at the Western Mass. Area Labor Federation (WMALF) board meeting to share the wins we achieved in bargaining the NPS contracts.